Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Erate Competitive Bidding

Question: Do I need to respond to a vendor message that looks like ‘spam’ or isn’t a detailed quote?

Answer:  YES!  You must respond to all inquiries and keep all emails and responses.  Below are a couple of response examples to vendors

  • REQUEST FOR SPECIFIC BID: Thank you for your interest in our school’s eRate Form 470 funding application.  Please refer to the RFP whose link is provided in the Form 470 itself for vendor convenience.  If you have questions specific to anything in the RFP itself, please send them and we’ll do our best to answer them.  Since we are not requesting any installation services, network cabling, hands-on maintenance, etc., there shouldn’t be a need for any vendor to come onsite in order to respond to the 470.  We look forward to receiving your formal response!

    Our posted Form 470 #************** was specifically for “[TYPE OF] service”.  Since there is nothing in your proposal about [TYPE OF] service I will have to disregard this proposal as unacceptable to meet our request.

    Thank you for your proposal, however we awarded the bid to [SERVICE PROVIDER] on [DATE]  and are in the process of filing the Form 471 applications at this time.

Question: What if I don’t receive any bids on my Form 470 for month to month services and I already have a service provider in place.

Answer:  Here is an ‘example’ of a memo you might want to print and put in your Erate file to memorialize that you received no bids and your decision for selecting a service provider.  Be sure to date it correctly.  

RE: Service Provider Selection for [TYPE OF SERVICE]
To date, we (******* Public Schools) have not received bids, proposals, or inquiries related to the form 470s for the services listed above. Therefore, we will move forward with filling of our form 471s.
Following are the providers we have selected and the costs: [Type of Service] [Name of Provider]  [Monthly costs]