USAC Rolls Out New Erate Portal – E-rate Productivity Center (EPC)

USAC is rolling out its new system, named E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) and pronounced “epic.”

The first phase is the customer portal for applicants.

USAC is setting up accounts for Billed Entities, which will include School Districts, Schools and Consortia, based on the information from Forms 471 filed for Funding Year (FY) 2015. When this account is created you should receive an invitation email from with the subject line “USAC EPC Account Creation.”

In general, the authorized person on an FCC Form 471 will be set up as the account administrator for the billed entity.  Account administrators will then be able to set up accounts for additional users within their organization. If you complete the E-rate for your school or district and are not the person who submits and certifies that form we suggest that you check with the person in your organization that does this and have them set up a user account for you in the system.

Here are a few of our observations regarding this new system. However if you have any questions we strongly suggest you access the USAC on-line learning library or the EPIC site directly.

  1. The login and password for the Account Administrator can ONLY be used by that person. No sharing of emails and pins.
  2. It is our understanding that the Account Administrator and the Authorized Person-the one who submits and certifies the forms-do not have to be the same person.
  3. Each user in the Portal can be given ‘specific’ permissions (see the video Managing User Permissions)
  4. BE SURE that all contact, Billed entity, and email information are correct in the portal.

Information and instructions on how to get started with your new account are in this  video.

For more information on the portal including:

  • Modifying Account Administrator
  • Creating a New User
  • Managing Permissions

Go to: